Youth Employment

Disadvantages in youth employment

The objective of this Working Group is to collect and synthesise evidence of causes, enablers and barriers of youth disadvantaged position at labour market.
This will detail

  1. evidence and trends of the consequences of unemployment and precarious jobs on other life domains in youth: health and well-being, mental and economical autonomy,
  2. evidence of long-term consequences of insecure labour market positions in light of the set-up of public and private pension systems;
  3. evidence of youth resilience and coping strategies in different institutional settings of labour market.

In addition, WG1 will make proposals to WG4 about how existing methodologies can be developed.


Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Faculty of Philosophy, Thessaloniki, Greece

Prof. Michael GEBEL

University of Bamberg,  Bamberg, Germany

Prof. Marge UNT

Tallinn University,  Tallinn, Estonia