Working papers

Chevalier,T, Drilling,M, Lauri,T, Toots,A. (Eds) (2021) WP1 Youth-oriented policies beyond ideal – typical welfare regimes in Europe: Situation and initiatives from the perspective of youth transitions regimes


Comparative overview, Triin Lauri

Country reports:

Bulgaria, Veneta Krasteva

Estonia, Anu Toots, Triin Lauri

Latvia, Anna Broka

Lithuania, Daiva Skučienė, Natalija Mažeikienė

Malta, Sue Vella

Moldova, Crismaru Mariana

Spain, Francisco Javier Moreno-Fuentes, Pau Marí-Klose

Switzerland, Berihun Wagaw, Matthias Drilling, Semhar Negash

Turkey, Hande Barlin, Nilufer Korkmaz Yaylagul

Conclusion, Anu Toots, Triin Lauri


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Research articles

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