Working papers

Chevalier,T, Drilling,M, Lauri,T, Toots,A. (Eds) (2021) WP1 Youth-oriented policies beyond ideal – typical welfare regimes in Europe: Situation and initiatives from the perspective of youth transitions regimes


Comparative overview, Triin Lauri

Country reports:

Bulgaria, Veneta Krasteva

Estonia, Anu Toots, Triin Lauri

Latvia, Anna Broka

Lithuania, Daiva Skučienė, Natalija Mažeikienė

Malta, Sue Vella

Moldova, Crismaru Mariana

Spain, Francisco Javier Moreno-Fuentes, Pau Marí-Klose

Switzerland, Berihun Wagaw, Matthias Drilling, Semhar Negash

Turkey, Hande Barlin, Nilufer Korkmaz Yaylagul

Conclusion, Anu Toots, Triin Lauri

Sonia Bertolini and Dirk Hofäcker (Eds.) (2023) Studying the situation of youth in Europe: Bringing together methodologies for international comparison



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Research articles

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