Project Description

To celebrate the publishing of the working paper series of WG5: Youth-oriented policies beyond ideal – typical welfare regimes in Europe: Situation and initiatives from the perspective of youth transitions regimes: ; and

–          To accelerate the planning of next dissemination of youth policy oriented WG5 to be developed further during Madrid seminars in September 2021.

Next steps were agreed:

–          WG5 will have two types of sessions in Madrid: one open session where everyone is welcomed to present his ongoing or published research related to YOUNG-IN aims; and one session with the abstrats’ call to move on with the idea of special issue on youth oriented policies.

A task force will prepare a call for abstracts by the 15th of July, which then will be published at the website. Main theme of special issue will be distributional effects of social investment policies for youth 

Until then, happy disseminating of the working papers and special thanks to all who are contributing!